Our Approach

We bring new ideas to the general public in the form of informative and interesting talks, combining the excitement of cutting edge planetary science research with a fun evening out on the town.

Following each talk, audience members will have the chance to ask questions, with speakers encouraged to frame their answers toward fostering public understanding of and engagement with space science and exploration.

Our events are usually hosted at a bar or brewery. Come try some new beers while learning about space lasers, aliens, or your favourite dwarf planet.

Our Speakers

Hailing from every aspect of planetary science and exploration, our speakers include geologists, physicists, engineers, astrobiologists, and space historians. We are trying to help the public understand what current science can tell us about our local space neighbours and which technologies and techniques we're using to discover more about planets, moons, asteroids, and life beyond Earth.

Past Speakers

Dr. Tanya Harrison

Dr. Christina Smith

Dr. Sara Mazrouei

Keavin Moore

Dr. Jordan Bimm

David Hamilton

Tanya Kizovski

Dylan Hickson

Christy Caudhill

Leif Bloomquist

Dr. Jesse Rogerson

Beth Lymer

Kristen Cote

Dr. Matt Russo

Cailin Gallinger

Catheryn Ryan

Elias Fernando Solorzano

Meet the Team

David Hamilton

Founder, Host, Speaker

David is a space physicist who loves The X-Files, Star Trek, and working with new laser-based instruments to explore planetary bodies. In 2015-2016, he held a fellowship with the National Science and Engineering Research Council in "Technologies and Techniques for Earth and Space Exploration."

David received his M.Sc. from York University under the supervision of Dr. Michael Daly (OSIRIS-REx, DEXTRE, Phoenix lander). His graduate research focused on Raman spectroscopy for biosignature detection on the Martian surface, supporting a Canadian Space Agency (CSA) study. His undergraduate research focused on instrumentation to develop models of asteroid material reflectance distribution, supporting background science for the OSIRIS-REx mission currently en route to the asteroid Bennu.

David has been a math, science, and computer science teacher at various private schools in Toronto, Ontario. He was a professor at Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario, in the Department of Engineering and IT where he taught UI/UX design and mobile applications development. He has also been a teaching assistant at York University in Toronto, Ontario, in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, as well as in the Lassonde School of Engineering.

His work on bi-directional reflectance distribution presented in the International Journal of Remote Sensing can be found here.

His work on Raman spectroscopy of Martian sulphates presented at the Lunar and Planetary Institute's 2016 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference can be found here.

His work on Raman spectroscopy for the planetary sciences presented at the 2016 Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute's ASTRO 2016 Conference can be found here. (link broken)

His work on biosignature detection on Mars presented at the Lunar and Planetary Institute's 2017 Astrobiology Science Conference can be found here.

His work on kerogen detection in sedimentary rock using UV Raman and LIF presented in Astrobiology can be found here.

His masters thesis can be found here.